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Frequent Questions and Answers


Order Quantity

Each product has a minimum order quantity. Typically the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. Customers must also order in increments of 50 pieces. All product are priced and listed in quantities of 1,000 pieces. Below are some examples of what needs to be entered into the quantity field to place the order of the desired quantity.


0.1 = 100 pcs

0.25 = 250 pcs

1 = 1,000 pcs

10 = 10,000 pcs

500 = 500,000 pcs



What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Stock components have an MOQ of 100 pieces. Exceptions to the 100 piece MOQ are noted on the product description pages. Painted items also require 100 piece MOQ (contact us for painted item inquiries). For MOQ information on custom parts, please contact customer service at 715-344-6081 or email sales@worthco.com



Are there any volume discounts available?

Quantity discounts are allowed for each individual product, size, and finish. No combination or further discounts are available.


Are custom items, products, and tooling available for purchase?

Yes, The Worth Company has an in-house Engineering Manager, Tool and Die professionals, and a Graphic Design team that specialize in designing, building, and maintaining custom tooling and products across all of our manufacturing trades. This includes custom wire forms, rings, spinner blades, and fishing tackle components. Our team works directly with you to ensure that we understand the product requirements and our customer's expectations. Pre-production samples will be sent to the customer as part of our pre-production process. Once the samples are approved by the customer, we begin production of the custom item. Contact our sales team at sales@worthco.com for quoting special requests. Minimum order quantities will apply.   



How to Order

  • To order online, first sign in to your account by clicking the "Sign In" link located on the top right of any page. If you do not have an account you can sign up for one by clicking the "Sign In" link. Once you have signed in, you can order online by entering the desired order quantity as described above, and adding it to your shopping cart. Follow the online process and instructions in your shopping cart to complete your order.
  • Call us at 800-944-1899 or 715-344-6081 to talk to a customer service professional.
  • Email us at sales@worthco.com



Are there any additional charges (shipping, taxes, customs duties)?

Yes, Shipping Charges, State Tax, and Federal Excise Tax will be added if applicable. Worth is not responsible for any duties or tax fees for international shipments. 



Why do I get charged Federal Excise Tax on my orders? 

Please follow the link provided to view the American Sport Fishing Association's website on Federal Excise Tax.



How long will it take to manufacture my order?

Lead times vary depending on what's ordered. We are continuously working to build stock on all of our stock products. 



How are products packaged for shipping?

Products are packaged accordingly per the shipper the customer has chosen.



Can you provide estimated shipping costs?

Yes, Shipping cost is based on the total weight of the items ordered. Please contact customer service at 715-344-6081 or email sales@worthco.com to inquire about shipping charges.



Do you handle customs clearance and import/export documentation?

Based on the shipper used, The Worth Company processes documents appropriate to the destination.



What is your return policy?

A minimum restocking charge of 10% will be made on any goods returned in their original condition. No returns are allowed on specials, painted items, polish brass lacquered items or gold products, which are not regularly cataloged by us. No returns will be accepted without prior approval. Returns will not be accepted after 60 days from invoice date. Customers can call 715-344-6081 or contact our sales team at sales@worthco.com for information on returns. 



How do I initiate a return or request a refund?

Customers can call 715-344-6081 or email sales@worthco.com.



Are there any restocking fees for returned products?

A minimum restocking fee of 10% will be made on any goods returned in their original condition.



Who is my main point of contact for order-related inquiries?

Our customer service and sales team will be happy to assist you with your inquiries. They can reached at the following email addresses.

How can I reach customer support if I have questions or concerns?

Calling us at 715-344-6081 to speak with a customer service representative or you can email us at sales@worthco.com


What file formats do you accept for custom designs?

For custom graphics and design elements we require the following file types. .AI , .PDF , and .ESP. For Engineering drawings we utilize SolidWorks computer aided design suite and the file types it supports. We also have the ability to take a drawing on a napkin and turn it into reality.



What quality control measures are in place during production?

The Worth Company is a certified ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer. We abide by our Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure we meet our customers requirements.



Can I request quality inspection reports or certifications?

This request is determined on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales team at sales@worthco.com for more information.



What is your process for addressing defects or issues with the product?

All known defects trigger an investigation to determine the root cause of the defect. A preventative action to avoid future defects of the same nature is determined and implemented.   



Do your manufacturing processes adhere to any environmental standards?

The Worth Company is committed to minimizing it's environmental footprint and being a steward for a clean, sustainable, and a flourishing natural ecosystem. Not only does our business depend on a thriving partnership with nature, we believe it's the right thing to do, so future generations are able to enjoy the best things our planet has to offer. In house we have our own waste water treatment facility that cleans and returns our processing water and we recycle all available materials company wide, while minimizing our consumables. We have permits with the Wisconsin DNR, OSHA, and EPA. 



Can you provide information about the sustainability of your materials and processes?

We work hard to develop strong relationships with our vendors to supply us with quality materials and a consistent supply chain.



Are your products compliant with industry regulations and certifications?

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and abide by California Prop 65 regulations.