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At The Worth Company, we built our reputation manufacturing precision components for the fishing tackle industry, and while we remain firmly rooted in the sport fishing world, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, experienced and well versed in numerous industries, including the automotive industry and the hardware Industry.

We make bulk metal components and parts precisely. The Worth Company utilizes over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space to produce 100's of millions of parts annually. Our state-of-the-art facility in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA makes for a perfect location to service the entire United States as well as many other countries around the world. We take pride in producing American made, high quality parts, at competitive prices. Below you will find descriptions of our manufacturing trades and services. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact sales@worthco.com for more information or to start the quoting process today.

Tool and Die




We are proud to offer complete tool and die services to our customers. We design, build, and maintain our customers tooling across a variety of our manufacturing trades. Whether it's a stamping die for a custom spinner blade or casting spoon, or a set of tooling that manufactures your unique wire form. We have a fully staffed tool and die department to accomplish the task at hand. Along with our talented staff we ensure the creation of quality tooling by investing in modern technology. Our CNC mills, lathes, and wire EDM are all maintained to the highest standards to ensure that we meet your critical requirements. Please see below for our full range of tool room equipment. Inquire with our team at sales@worthco.com or visit our Contact Page to see how you can utilize our Tool and Die services.


(1) Mitsubishi MV1200S Wire EDM

(1) Prototrack DPM Bed Mill

(1) Prototrack TRL 1845SX Lathe

(2) Bridgeport Milling Machines

(1) Lagun Milling Machine

(2) Clausing Drill Presses

(1) Veet Radial Drill Press

(2) Chevalier Surface Grinders

(1) Rockwell Surface Grinder

(1) Lucifer Heat Treating Furnace

(1) Knight Heat Treating Furnace

(1) Johnson Heat Treating Furnace

(1) Rockwell Hardness Tester    





The Worth Company offers stamping and pressing services to a variety of industries. We gained our stamping experience by being the most trusted manufacturer in the fishing tackle industry for generations. We have taken our stamping experience and expanded in to several industries, including fastener and hardware. With our stamping presses ranging from 22 tons to 125 tons, we are capable of stamping a wide range of products and components. Please see below for our full range of stamping equipment, and contact us today at sales@worthco.com or visit our Contact Page to see how you can utilize our stamping services.    

(4) 22 TON PERKINS PRESS  - .010" - .045" Material 

(1) 50 TON FLEXOPRESS     - .010" - .050" Material

(3) 88 TON AIDA PRESS     - .010" - .125" Material

(1) 125 TON JOHNSON PRESS - .010" - .125" Material

(1) 25 TON ROUSELLE PRESS - .010" - .045" Material 

Metal Turning




Our Metal turning and screw machine department gives us the ability to machine intricate metal components for many applications. From simple fishing lure beads, to complex rivets, and ball bearing swivels, we know how to turn metal. We offer metal turning in brass, rod sizes from 3/32" - 5/8". We specialize in high volume runs and have the machinery and quality control equipment to ensure our prices are competitive and our quality is exceptional. Please see below for our full range of metal turning equipment. Contact our sales team today at sales@worthco.com or visit our Contact Page to inquire about our metal turning services. 


(6) Multi-Spindle Davenport Model B Screw Machines - Round and Hex Rod, Rod size range from 3/32" - 3/8"

(4) Single Spindle Traub Screw Machines - Round Brass Rod, Rod size range of 3/32" - 5/8"

(3) Single Spindle Index Screw Machines - Round Brass Rod, Rod size range of 3/32" - 5/8"

(1) Single Spindle Lico Screw Machines - Round Brass Rod, Rod size range of 3/32" - 5/8"


Wire Forming




The Worth Company has the capabilities and the capacity to fabricate custom wire forms and rings in bulk quantities for numerous applications. We excel in manufacturing many wire products including spring, split rings, 2-D, and 3-D wire forms in multiple materials. Stock materials include steel, stainless steel, and brass. We also often work with non-stock materials such as precious and specialty metals. Our equipment has the capacity to work with wire sizes of .012" - .105". Please see below for our full range of wire forming equipment. Contact our sales team today at sales@worthco.com or visit our Contact Page to inquire about our wire forming services.     


(3) High Speed CNC Spring Coilers - Wire size capacity of .022" - .072" Diameter

(10) Ring Coiler - Wire size capacity of .020" - .105" Diameter  

(2) CNC 3 Dimensional Wire and Spring Forming Machines -  Wire size capacity of .015" - .090" Diameter 

(6) 4 Slides - 2 Dimensional Wire and Forming Machines - Wire size capacity of .020" - .125" Diameter

(1) - CNC Single Point Coiler - Wire size capacity of .023" - .040" Diameter

(1) Spring Coiler - Wire size capacity of .012" Diameter

(3) Specialty Wire Shaft Machines - Wire size capacity of .012" - .051" Diameter

(16) Coining Presses

(2) Lindberg Ammonia Atmospheric Heat Treatment Furnaces

(5) JN Machinery Electric Conveyor Ovens 


Electroplating and Surface Finishing




In 2018 we completed an expansion of our factory that included a state-of-the are electroplating and surface finishing facility. We have the capability to electroplate bright nickel and zinc over multiple substrates to meet industry standards. Our plating lines are set up to barrel plate large quantities of small to medium size parts. We are able to ensure plating adhesion, thicknesses, and corrosion protection requirements are met with our in house quality assurance equipment. We also have the ability to polish large quantities of metal parts using a variety of high energy and low energy surface finishing equipment. Please see below for our full range of electroplating and surface finishing equipment. Contact our sales team today at sales@worthco.com or visit our Contact Page to inquire about our electroplating and surface finishing services.      


(1) 6 Processing Station, Bright Nickle Barrel Electroplating Line 

(1) 4 Processing Station, Pure Zinc Metal Electroplating Line

(2) MFI HZ120 High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines

(4) Low Energy Barrel Tumbling Machines

(1) High Energy Royson Disc finisher

(1) Rosler Rotary Vibrating Finisher






The Worth Company offers a range of of assembly and packaging services. We have the ability to assemble split rings and key rings onto a variety of products, while utilizing our proprietary assembly equipment. The result is a quick and affordable method to assembling rings to your goods. We will also package our bulk goods in quantities of your choosing. We take on the labor, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. Please contact us at sales@worthco.com or visit our Contact Page to get started.