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Heavy Duty Wire Former

The Worth Industrial Wire Former is a commercial grade wire forming tool designed for the demanding requirements of the intermediate sized fishing lure manufacturer. 

The wire former allows for great flexibility in creating a variety of wire shaft configurations such as end-eyelets, spring-lock shafts, buzz-bait forms, spinnerbait forms, jig spinners, center-shaft twists, and a variety of specialized kinks and bends. It provides for both wire bending and wire wrapping. The bending fixture features an adjustable wire stop and locator, adjustable base pin, and two rotating bending pins. 

The wire wrapping fixture utilizes a positive wire-clamp feature and a rotating adjustable wrapping shaft. Both fixtures are positioned to allow the inclusion of lure components onto the wire shaft or eyelet being formed. All wear points are constructed of hardened tool steel for long life. Both rotating shafts are fitted with bronze bearings to reduce friction and wear. 

The unit is constructed of machined aluminum. All forming pins and wear points are replaceable. The Wire Former is designed to be mounted or clamped to a workbench. Each unit includes pins and fixtures for the indicated range of wire diameters. Additional fixtures are available separately. 

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Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Former - .051"-.062" Wire
  • $1,068.40 /EACH
  • EACH
Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Former Lower Bending Unit - .051"-.062" Wire
  • $329.20 /EACH
  • EACH
Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Former Pins & Fixtures - .051"-.062" Wire
  • $329.20 /EACH
  • EACH
Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Former Upper Wrapping Unit - .051"-.062" Wire
  • $739.20 /EACH
  • EACH