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 The "Perfect" Ring


Did you know that The Worth Company is the most trusted producer of split rings and key rings in the world? Besides being the largest, you might find it interesting that some of our customers require specially inspected High-tolerance "perfect" split rings. To accomplish this, we first take extra steps to produce the most perfect ring possible. (It takes some secret steps). After the ring is completed we give it a final inspection. In order to do this, we designed and built multiple automated vision inspection systems. These impressive pieces of equipment will examine a split ring by several separate dimensions, all with high-speed optical cameras. Any ring found to be outside our dimensional tolerances gets ejected from the batch. All this is done at more than four parts per second. Since this equipment is so specialized, we must design and build it all here at The Worth Company. Our amazing engineering and technical departments designed and built this equipment from start to finish, and building it was just as impressive as the final product. This is one more way we always strive to exceed our customer's expectations. We thought you'd like to know.

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